Advantages of Working with NMCCA

NMCCA has several features that will appeal to study sponsors of oncology trials.

  1. Clinical trial sponsors will find we are a single entry point for contracting and managing oncology trials at multiple sites in New Mexico.
  2. NMCCA utilizes several centralized IRBs for all participating sites. Most pharmaceutical-sponsored trials are sent to the Western IRB. NCI-funded trials are sent to the University of New Mexico’s IRB; some of the NCI trials also are reviewed by the NCI’s Central IRB.
  3. Staff at one central site performs all administrative procedures, such as regulatory management, contracting, budgeting and auditing.
  4. A single contact person is available to answer questions and coordinate paperwork regardless of the number of NMCCA sites taking part in the trial.
  5. Our participant list includes specialists in all areas of oncology.
  6. NMCCA has both cooperative and pharmaceutical company-sponsored clinical trials open for enrollment at multiple sites. Our primary focus is therapeutic Phase I, II and III trials; however, we do participate in cancer clinical trials on prevention, screening and quality of life.
  7. The time spent to accrue patients to a single trial decreases when the study is opened at multiple sites.
  8. NMCCA represents patients from multiple healthcare systems and all major insurance payers in our area.
  9. New Mexico contains a wide range of ethnic populations available to take part in studies.

2010 Census Report

White persons, percent 68.4%
Black persons, percent 2.1%
American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent 9.4%
Asian persons, percent 1.4%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, percent 0.1%
Persons reporting two or more races, percent 3.7%
Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin, percent 46.3%
White persons not Hispanic, persons 40.5%