2016 HERO Recognition Event

Helping to Enhance Research in Oncology (The HERO Program)

NMCCA’s HERO Program provides access to the latest information on cancer research for the public and medical professionals. Through the HERO Education Outreach Program, NMCCA brings nationally-known speakers to Albuquerque and local experts to inform people about the latest developments in cancer research and treatment. The HERO Program also helps to raise awareness to the barriers for participation in clinical trials that may cause health disparities in New Mexico.

2016 HERO Recognition Event

Each year the NMCCA hosts an event to honor and thank the HEROs; patients who have participated in oncology clinical trials.  These courageous patients join the NMCCA staff, physicians and public officials for a program that raises awareness of the importance of clinical trials to cancer research, advancing treatments, improving survivorship, and the important role patients play in clinical trials.

The latest HERO Recognition Event was on October 15, 2016 at the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town.  This year the program was expanded to include educational sessions, which were free and open to the public.  The topics were:

• Breast Cancer and the Links to Other Cancers: What’s Up?  What’s New?
Melanie Royce, MD, Lori Ballinger, Shawnia Ryan – UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

• What’s New in Melanoma Research?
Calvin Ridgeway, MD – Loveless Women’s Hospital

• Immune Therapy and Targeted Therapies in Cancer Treatment
Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD – UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

• Excitement and Breakthroughs in Radiation Oncology
Amish Shah, MD – New Mexico Cancer Center, Gregory Gan, MD – UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

After the education sessions, the HEROs were guests of the NMCCA at a luncheon in their honor while enjoying the keynote speaker, Scott Burton.  Scott presented an upbeat, empowering and inspiring program detailing his one-year battle with stage IV cancer.

To all those who are HEROs and taking part in clinical research studies today and in the future…THANK YOU!