Annual Report

2015 – 2016 Year End Summary

I. Financial Goals:  End the year with > 60 days of cash on hand and  a net income of >/= 757.

  • Revenue: $2,390,740
  • Expenses: $2,144,948
  • Change in Net Assets: $245,792 (Budget projected $8,026)

II. Clinical Trial Program

  1. Accruals
    NMCCA will accrue a minimum of 365 subjects, with a plan to increase to 400 in FY 2017 and 500 in 2018.  NMCCA will develop a charter with each site to establish their annual target of accruals, including NCORP credits required by the NCI grant.
  2. Average time to open trials:
    The average time to open clinical trials will be 13 weeks or less; as measured from the date NMCCA receives the protocol to the time for initial approval.

Average Overall Time to Open Trials

(Goal of 13 weeks average for all studies for all studies, measured by NMCCA receipt of protocol to IRB approval for initial site.)

  • CWG Review: 2.8 weeks average
  • PRMC Review: 3.1 weeks average
  • IRB submission: 9.1 weeks average
  • IRB approval: 4.1 weeks average
  • Overall average time: 19.8 weeks